There are two pages of links. The first page are links that are pertinent to our thiad and Frisian reconstruction. The second page contains links to our the websites of our friends and to other interesting sites.

Old Frisian Texts and Histories

Lex Frisionum. An early Frisian legal text, written in Latin.

Old Frisian Reader with Grammar and Glossary, by Wilhelm Heuser. A reader in German from scanned pages. Troublesome, but a good fall back guide.

Fon alra Fresena Fridome: An Old Frisian Poem. A poem about how bloody wonderul and important the Frisians were to the Frankish emperors at the time.

Query to Old Frisian etymological database (evidence of R1) [Boutkan]. An electronic version of the Old Frisian Etymological Dictionary which comes in handy for word searches and word-root studies. Old Frisian has often been looked over by philologists doing etymologies and comparative work.

The Skeltana Riucht [excerpts]. A collection of excerpts from an Old West Frisian legal text, sometimes referred to as a Magistrate Law. It has some references to ordeal law and other things.

Old Frisian Dictionary in German. A great source for searching Old Frisian words online, with a listing of cognates when available including Proto-Germanic and Indo-European roots.

Modern Frisian Culture and Language

While we try in our practices to reconstruct Old Frisian thew, belief and culture, we are also strong advocates of modern Frisian language and culture as there are so few linguistic and cultural Frisians left as a result of the influence of the Netherlands and Germany. If our little website can help bolster Frisia today, even a small amount, we are all that much prouder. In time we may further include sites supporting Plattdeutsch dialects as members of Axenthof have intellectual and cultural interests in those nothern reaches of Germanic Europe as well.

Fryske Akademy. This is the Frisian Academy which serves to further Frisian language, history, and culture. They have books available which include some of the only collections of Old Frisian legal texts available to English speakers. Many other legal text books are available in German or Dutch. Here you can buy a hard copy of the Old Frisian Etymological Dictionary (based on the Rustinger text) and an Old Frisian Dictionary (in German, based on more than the one text for the Etymological Dictionary).

Modern Frisian Course online. A modern Frisian course including the language study in German, Ducth and others.

Friesenlied (in German). Here is a good bit of cultural and national pride. A song praising the Frisians which also includes a reference to the Frisian routing of the early Normans in 884.

Another Friesenlied (trilingual - No English). Here is another one about Frisia. This one focuses more on just how great the heimat (homeland) is.

A Frisian cultural site (in Frisian). This site contains links the newpapers, radio stations and the like which bolster or reflect Frisian cultural events and news.

Frisian- The Frisian Language in education in the Netherlands. This a report on the progress and uphill battle to have education for Frisian children in schools in their language. Frisian is on the UN listing of endangered languages but some people are trying to change that. Despite assumed "progressive" attitudes in the Netherlands and Germany, many dialects are having a hard time surviving as each senior citizen passed away, the young use the national languages or other dialects more and more, and governments are reluctant to teach anything other than the national language in question in schools.

Herbert Bartmann & Ostfriesisch-plattdeutsche Songs/Oostfreesk-plattdüütsche Songs. Honestly sometimes this site has hiccups but if you can hear it, it is nice to hear the language sung and shows the contrast to English but also to the German many Americans learn.

Modern Frisian Pronunciation. This is from It provides a good overview of the modern Frisian language and its dialects today, including a nice orthography to pronunciation chart.

North Frisian INstitute (in German). Pretty self-explanatory, but it is an extensive site. North Frisian is probably one oft he healthier dialects of Frisian today. Limtied to a small island chain called, unsurprisingly, the North Frisian Islands, whetre the isolation from the mainland has help preserve more of the local flavor.

South Schleswig Voter's Committee (in English; available in German, Danish and North Frisian). A political party representing minority Danish and North Frisian national interests in the state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany.

Modern Frisian Dictionary (to and from other languages). A nice website which provides dictionary services to and from Frisian for other languages including English, German, Dutch and Turkish (?!).

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